Making your event Empingao! 

Platinum Chef focuses on what your needs are for your events.  We specialize in creating your wants with a twist of mouth popping flavors that will have you coming back for more.  Our chefs' focus is to provide all of our customers with a mind blowing experience that entails culinary orgasms.
We create small-plates full of tradition, where you are able to experience the rich culture of where it was made from as if you were in the country at that very minute. Consider China’s dim sum, Spain’s tapas or the Greek meze, all of which feature small portions consumed socially.  A number of small plates, each featuring its own flavor profile and shared among friends, is altogether more fun than the one-plate experience.  


A healthier way to eat without losing the flavor. 

Then there’s science, which tells us that eating smaller, more frequent meals regulates the body’s glucose and insulin levels. But by putting an end to the sugar cravings that follow huge meals, this style of eating can actually reduce overall caloric intake. We deal in flavor and  providing healthy food that you can enjoy.


Try any of our services & you won't go wrong – Platinum Chef deals in culinary adventure led by Chef Joel Padilla they provide an Empingao experience. - Mike White Roc Nation Entertainment

Our Story




Learn, Create, Eat, & Enjoy

At last – A company where it’s okay to order any thing because each dish is awesome!

Are you looking to host a catering event or learn the many wonderful things the culinary world has to offer? Then we are the company for you!!!
We offer personal chefs, custom meal plans, culinary classes, private catering & on-site event management with our mobile food kitchen.
Whether you want Maple Bourbon-Glazed Chicken Wings, Kobe Beef Carpaccio or the Soup Shots, Vermont Veal, and the Wings, you simply can’t go wrong.  If you don’t like our food then you may need to get your taste buds checked out.